ArtCast performers for The Balkan Queen. Marina Abramovic at Louisiana. emblem


More festivals for The Charmer… Starring Ardelan Esmali by Director Milad Alami. emblem

the charmer

Music video by Zebra Katz//director Ada Bligaard Søby//people by Artcast emblem

Zebrakatz from Artcast on Vimeo.

Kazue fra ArtCast i en af Bettina Bakdals smukke smukke kjoler. #CPHFW17 emblem



POLITIKEN 11.08.17 @Nicholas Nybro emblem


#Artcasting #nuditdy #THEBODT #CPHFW17

THX Nicholas Nybro, for being a part of breaking taboos about the human body! Very proud of our brave people who walked the runway today! And of course the MAN himself!! emblem

NN ::CPHFW17 from Artcast on Vimeo.