Music video by Zebra Katz//director Ada Bligaard Søby//people by Artcast emblem

Zebrakatz from Artcast on Vimeo.

I dag hos Sabine Poupinel er der Fan Out. Bl. andet med Bettina Bakdal. Kazue fra ArtCast i en af Bettina Bakdals smukke smukke kjoler. @Bettina Bakdal @Sabine Poupinel @fan out, @Caroline clante #CPHFW17 #female power emblem



POLITIKEN 11.08.17 @Nicholas Nybro emblem


#Artcasting #nuditdy #THEBODT #CPHFW17

THX Nicholas Nybro, for being a part of breaking taboos about the human body! Very proud of our brave people who walked the runway today! And of course the MAN himself!! emblem

NN ::CPHFW17 from Artcast on Vimeo.

TODAY// Nicholas Nybro show i Kongernes Lapidarium #THEBODY #CPHFW17 #artcast emblem